IWC Portofino series added a new single-button chronograph function

Portofino watch family series in a minimalist style known skilled Adds a new watch – on the Portofino Chronograph manual winding single button. This is the first launch of the IWC Ingenious single button chronograph. Convex button crown on this watch reveals additional mechanical device contains, and make the operation more simple. White and red gold watch with two styles are perfect interpretation of the essence of the Portofino series of luxury watches restrained. With the birth of this replique montre new complex timepieces, IWC for popular Portofino watch collection Adds have made chronograph movement. Elegant Traditional Portofino watch family members of this new exhibit unique elegance and fascinating technical subtlety: currently the most common chronograph is in the « 2 o’clock » and « 4:00 bell « at each set of a button, which is also the most classic form Chronograph. The Portofino Hand-wound single-button chronograph places distinctive single-button chronograph mechanism stand out and can be up to 60 minutes of timing. Timing button is placed crown, almost imperceptible at first glance. Start timing function, stop and zero can be rather easily by repeating While pressing the multifunction button. The third button is pressed all the time display homing zero. This simple switching mechanism also highlights the aesthetic considerations of watch design, showing extraordinary elegance watch. Although the timing of this adds additional functionality, but the hand-wound Portofino single button chronograph still retains the simplicity of style, when carefully admiration just revealed its various functions. Simple low-key can be described as traditional Portofino watch family, but also since the birth of the Portofino watch restrained design and classic styling of the soul. Mr. Georges Kern, CEO of IWC commented: « This watch is kept functional, the perfect balance of design and ease of use of the three unified, traditional manual tabulation process and a perfect combination of modern engineering, it gave birth to this we are proud of a model of the new Haute Horlogerie.  »

Portofino manual winding chronograph single push button assembly of the newly developed movement, either for self-movement series IWC, or the Portofino series of watches, R & D results are quite valuable. 59360-type movement inherited the powerful 59000-type movement series performance characteristics, mechanical timing device into which highlight the outstanding charm. The wearer can enjoy the fun of repliche orologi 192 hours power reserve, the watch can ensure that the full chain after eight days of accurate travel until it stops automatically. Through the power reserve dial at « 8 o’clock » and « 9 o’clock » position between the remaining power display can be viewed at any time watch. « 12 o’clock » position small dial shows the number of minutes of the measured time function, the pointer indicates the central chronograph seconds. Dial « 6 o’clock » position with small seconds at « 3 o’clock » position with date display, the overall layout of a balanced decent night. Table back also allows a panoramic view of all the movement: through the sapphire glass back, decorated with Geneva stripes of the IWC self-movement and operation of the mechanical timing device at a glance. Portofino manual winding single-button chronograph has two styles to choose from: white gold case with a slate gray dial and gray SANTONI alligator strap, or 18K red gold case with silver dial and brown alligator SANTONI strap.

Since the birth date of more than three decades, the Portofino watch family at IWC watch series has been, according to a pivotal position. To highlight the unique style of Italian life, IWC in 2011 with the footwear manufacturer SANTONI joined forces. This famous Italian family business is « elegant luxury and high-end quality, » an outstanding representative of this country and the IWC table exactly the same values. Today, SANTONI IWC is exclusive handmade leather strap. In the complex processing steps, each one crafted from the SANTONI strap at the factory were given a unique ancient appearance, color gloss are also replica watches distinctive. This process makes the leather looked as if after years of careful use, but in fact it is made of new. Another iconic characteristics SANTONI is lined with orange leather strap inside. Mediterranean life style beauty and charm and into the perfect craftsmanship of watch and bracelet. Swiss watchmaker IWC’s focus on technology and R & D since 1868, continues to create watches of lasting value. Companies eager to pursue innovative technology and unique technology in the international community has won widespread praise. One of the world’s leading brand as a professional in the field of luxury watches, IWC IWC blend extremely accurate performance and unique design to create the most advanced watchmaking embodied as a model of artistic realm. As a company with environmental awareness and social responsibility, IWC IWC actively promote sustainable production and support the work of children and youth organizations in the world, and maintained a close relationship with climate and environmental protection agencies.

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