Rolex introduced a new watch ROLEX DEEPSEA

« National Geographic » magazine published « DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D » movies, documentaries explorer and filmmaker James Cameron arrived in the deepest ocean adventure. To tie in with the expedition, the introduction of new Rolex Deepsea Rolex watch. This top diving watch can withstand extremely high pressure, and with representatives of the deep « D-blue » color surface. Its dark blue fade to black paint surface reminiscent of the ocean blurred zone, where the last touch of the sun from the sea into the goal, disappeared in the endless abyss, and James Cameron’s deep-sea exploration potential challenge trip echoes. In addition, to commemorate this partnership, the words « DEEPSEA » on the surface but also to James Cameron’s submarine under the water green color shading.

To tie in with the premiere of the replica watches uk documentary was held in the United States, the new Rolex Deepsea watch ease August 4 in New York on Monday launched. The premiere at the American Museum of Natural History Sealife held, Cameron and other celebrities or diving adventure film industry also present. « DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D » recording Cameron Rolex « National Geographic » the support and under the submersible to the Mariana Trench historical feat. March 26, 2012, filmmaker and explorer James Cameron driving DEEPSEA CHALLENGER submarine, hit a single dive under the Pacific Ocean 10,908 meters world record. He stayed three hours and exploration on the seabed collecting samples, and the first batch of high-resolution images taken in this last frontier. Scientists estimate that 95 percent of the oceans still exploring hidden clues to life on Earth. In the expedition collected samples, which is found at least 68 new varieties. Tour highlights this documentary contains deep-sea challenge first to the last 13th of Pacific exploration potential.

An inspiring journey of deep-sea challenge for the new era of scientific deep-sea exploration to kick off. January 23, 1960, deep-sea submarine Trieste arrived first manned trenches done and, since no one returned to this abyss. However, whenever a new field of human expeditions to Earth, always around with Rolex. Rolex watches and Trieste and deep-sea exploration potential challenges tours were struck. In both replica watches historic Hunter, the hull of the experimental system in Rolex watches, 11 kilometers under sea level, bear the greatest pressure on the planet, but the two are a perfect operation, seen Rolex watch unmatched waterproof performance. With the conquest of Rolex innovations in the field of deep-sea acts as a pioneer in the launch of the Oyster watch in 1926, is the world’s first waterproof timepiece, and after more launched Oyster Perpetual Submariner (1953 年), Sea-Dweller (1967 年) and Rolex Deepsea (2008 year) Degree specializing diving watch.

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